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Health is a major issue in the GCC countries , mainly to the following reasons:

1-The lack of professional & qualified doctors.

2-Health ignorance by the general public.

3-Lifestyle in GCC do not promote or encourage exercise and mobility.

4-Overeating and lack of exercise are becoming a habit , bulging tummy is a symbol of wealth and success.

5-Lack of health statistics and health awareness program by different health Ministries and organization in the area.

6-Recent information indicate that diabetic is wide spreading in GCC countries and almost 1 in 4 adults over 40 have it. Of course nothing is been done by Health Authorities in terms of educating people about good diet and healthy food.

Pollution from diesel exhaust fumes can lead to heart attacks, bronchitis, asthma attacks, cardiovascular diseases and even premature death. Will the 3rd world countries clean their city of air pollution?

Donuts, French Fries, and Cereals; Crackers Too

Are  Linked to Diabetes Risk

The new Super-aspirin could save millions of lives, this is one of the biggest advances in heart health in years. Doctors in US claim that super-aspirin can cut the risk of death , heart attacks and strokes in people with heart disease. This recent medical study was conducted by dr. salim Yusuf in the USA.

That the US government is not welling to put ban on cigarette farming and production as they receive a lot of money ( billions of dollars) each year. Also cigarette makers Giants are sucking up a lot of money from 3rd World countries. Tobacco farming and manufacturing must stop to save the world Health and to save money to feed the poor instead of putting money in the pocket of some people.

Eating a hamburger can now make you seriously ill. There is "shit in the meat." Yum. over 1 third of GCC kids eat Hamburger every day.....

Diet affects the risk for colon, prostate and breast cancers. The American Institute of Cancer Research has said if people eat five more servings of fruits or vegetables daily than they normally do, it could lead to a 20 percent decrease in cancer cases.

  1. The whole in the Ozone layer of the atmosphere is getting larger. This whole can cause many people cancer of the skin and many other health problems. The thinning of the ozone was first discovered in 1974. 
  2. An American Scientist has reported in a recent medical study that the average humane age will be increasing to 95 or even 100 years from the existing average of 78years.