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This site is dedicated to all the free voices in the Gulf Corporation Council ( Saudia Arabia , Kuwait ,UAE , Bahrain, Oman & Qatar).

On 25 May , 1981 The six Arab states of Bahrain , Kuwait , Oman , Qatar, Saudia Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) formally ratified the charter of the organization named Co -operation Council for the Arab States in the Arabian Gulf. This become more popularly known as the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC.

We look for a day where all GCC countries will be unified in one nation. It will be one of the greatest nation in the area and may be the greatest nation in the World.

News : We will publish ; untold news from Saudia Arabia ,UAE , Kuwait , GCC and other countries along with our views and opinions. News affecting the future of GCC countries will be pointed out.

We will recommend to our visitors where to go in the GCC countries. In this site the Earth and Environmental matters relating to GCC countries and the world will be presented. We will be offering many other services and information in near future , as our aim is to be the best site in the GCC countries , the middle east. Also this site will provide interesting information , about GCC countries, for all the people of the world.


We are trying to present facts that will affect the future of GCC countries. We will encourage the spirit of cooperation and integration and unification of these countries. We encourage and ask for your contribution to build such a spirit.