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Some of the important subjects that affect the life & future of the people in the GCC countries are:

Opinion of US citizen about Kuwait support for Taliban

Another opinion letter to UAE and Saudia Arabia

The worst Airline in the Arabian Gulf

Threats from Iraq & Iran

Un-Productivity of working Force


Economical Problems

Government Corruption

Social Problems

Improper Planning

Environmental Issues

Wrong Politics

  1. When the oil money & the oil is over, how the people in the Arabian Gulf will live? There is no work or industry that is not linked to oil. If oil reserve is down, there will be a complete collapse of the economical and social system. It will be the sure end of the Royal families rules in this area of world. Then it will be too late for the people to build their economy since there are no resources available. The interesting question is , how long the oil is going to last, and when a change will happen and a democratic system will be in place? When Oil prices went down in 1996 , 1997& 1998 the Arabian Gulf economies had almost collapsed as they were desperate for cash.

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