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What will happen in the new millennium , around the world and specifically in the Middle East & GCC countries?? 

  1. Another War will start with Israel , most likely it will be started by Israel , in the pretext of its security and the need for more land.
  2. Conflict with North Korea will trigger a war between China & USA , which will lead to the destruction of China , USA and part of Europe and Japan. The whole world will suffer from this tragic War.
  3. After the War with China , USA & China will not be Super Powers anymore.
  4. The GCC countries are going to face huge economical problems which will cause citizens discontent with their existing governments.
  5. Demand for democracy from GCC population , will put more pressure on the Ruling families in the Gulf. Eventually there will be a revolt by GCC citizens against their governments.
  6. GCC countries will be unified into one unified country.
  7. Most of the Arab countries will have a change in government and would adopt democracy.
  8. Women will have their Political rights and freedom in Saudia Arabia & all other GCC countries and the Middle East.
  9. A devastating war between India & Pakistan with the possible use of Nuclear weapons.
  10. USA , Canada & Mexico will be unified economically.
  11. Russia will become weaker and weaker and will not be a major super power.
  12. Russia will sell most of its Nuclear Weapons to countries with cash; such as Iran , Libya.
  13. Iran will have the A Bomb and long range missile.
  14. Iraq will have an A bomb and it might use it against Kuwait & Saudia Arabia.
  15. Another war between Iraq & Iran could destroy both countries as weapons of mass destruction will be used.
  16. A secret treaty between Israel and the Mullahs of Iran will be released & many people in The Arabic world will be shocked to now it.
  17. Cure against deadly diseases, such as AIDS , Cancer will be available. However AIDS will claim hundred of millions of life's before it can be stopped. It is estimated that 1/4 of Africa population will be wiped out within the next 10 years.
  18. The Technological revolution will have a drastic impact on education and children will no longer be required to go to school in daily basis. Also the total number of years for education will be reduced which will enhance productivity.
  19. Gene treatments & therapy will be applied to cure many diseases. Also the new concept will affect human choice of their mate.
  20. Human will live longer healthier life , most probably exceeding 100 on average.
  21. The use of mass transportation will increase all over the world , due to the population growth , increased price of gasoline and limited space available for roads & parking.

We are not guessing, but we are saying that there is a high degree of expectation that these activities will happen in the new millennium, based on the current and past events in the world history and the existing policies of some countries.