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Since the Sept.11 attack in the New York & Washington , there are more than 500,000 jobs lost in the US , alone , and the number is increasing day by day. Similar number of lost jobs in Europe too.

The world economy is going into a slump.

That's a lot of money

In 1999 the Internal Revenue Service , in USA, collected more than $1 trillion in individual income taxes. That many dollar bills laid end-to-end would stretch for nearly 100 million miles--enough to circle the equator more than 4,000 times!

The Dead Sea is dying

Recent studies shows that the dead Sea level is decreasing. In a recent studies by a professor "Elias Salama" from Jordanian University, indicated that since the 1960 the level of the dead Sea was 392 m (below sea level) and recently it reached a level of 412m below sea level. If this decline continue in the next 50 years the dead sea well lose almost third of its total area. The total area off the dead Sea in the early 60 was about 1000 km square it is expected it will reached 650 km square within the next 50 years. The main reason of the decline is Israeli policy of diverting the Jordanian river and building dams , therefore disturbing the ecological system.

  • 1698-Russia's Peter the Great imposed a tax on beards.
  • Dec28, 2000: The highest paid CEO is Charles B Wang. He gets a salary of $ 650 million/ year from his job at Computer Associated International (CA).
  • Every month about 90 percent of American children between the ages of 3 and 9 visit a McDonald's. US citizen spend $110 billion a year on fast food. Is there any statistics in the GCC countries , we think 90% of the children eat junk ;or excuse me; fast food.  Eating a hamburger can now make you seriously ill. There is "shit in the meat." Yum.
  • Swedish woman loves the Internet more than any other European women.
  • The total engineers in the Arab world has reached 600,000 engineers. Egypt  , the largest Arab country in term of population and skilled people has about 250,000 engineers . Most of these Engineers lack the professional skills and they need additional training in latest technologies.
  • The whole world condemn Israel for using extreme violence & un necessary force ( guns, missile , tanks , etc..) against un armed Palestinians civilians; mostly young boys; who are demonstrating for their rights to exist. However USA refuse to make any condemnation or criticism against Israel.
  • Total Death causality from Palestinians demonstration reached 100 dead and over 2000 injuries in Oct7,2000. Israeli Soldiers are shooting unarmed civilians Palestinians with guns , tanks & Missiles.
  • The Arabian Gulf States + Iran+ Iraq have 63% of the total world oil reserve...
  • Germany has paid over $ 80 billion to the Jewish State for their claim of Jews suffering in WW II.

  • Germany is still paying the bills for the World war II to European countries and USA.
  • Japan is still paying the bills for its war against USA.

Did You Know that in Israel:

1- The only country in the world who do not recognize the rights of its original citizens.

2-The only country in the world that discriminate between religions. Israelis do not recognize the right of Christians & Moslems to exist , although they have lived for thousands of years in the occupied land of Palestine.

3-Isreali government still have an evacuation plan for all of its citizens , as they are aware that one day Israel is it is now will ceases to exist.

4-Isreal is the only country in the world who allows its citizens of Jewish faith to carry guns and use them in daily basis to shoot un armed civilians.

Did you know, that Kuwait is the only country in the world:

  1. That will not allow foreign or International banks to operate in Kuwait.

  2. That will not allow any person from any country to enter the country without a sponsorship from a local Kuwaiti.

  3. Kuwait have only 1 university and it does not allow for private Universities or a 2nd University.

  4. Kuwait is the only country with a ruler who does not rule.

  5. That have only one city and 1 Municipality.

  6. Citizen of Kuwait are overspending and demand the government to overspend , while the government and the country is in deep financial crisis.

  7. No foreign investment is allowed in Kuwait.

    Did you know that in Saudia Arabia:

    1-There are no Movie Theatres. 2-Woman are not allowed to drive. 3-Woman have no rights what so ever , even though the Islamic religion has given woman almost the same rights as men have.

    4-Woman are not allowed to go outside the house alone , they must have a man guardian ; like husband , father , brother.

    5-Al Saud ( the royal family in Saudia Arabia) own a certain percentage of the oil produced by the country.

    6-Al Saud , owns all the lands & everything on top or beneath the land and there are no such thing as government land. In fact if the government want to make a road , hospital or a school , then they have to buy the land from the local prince.